SID-Washington Series on Prevention of Modern Slavery

SID-Washington Presents:

Series on Prevention of Modern Slavery

Modern Slavery is a pervasive and urgent global problem, impacting individuals, mostly from vulnerable populations, communities, businesses and governments. From human trafficking and child marriage to bonded and forced labor, slavery continues to thrive in different forms across the globe. This series will examine the complex issue to better understand sectors with high prevalence rates, the roles of various stakeholders and try to contribute to developing actionable solutions. This series will have:
  • A Chapter event on March 22nd that highlighted what we can do to increase our ability to recognize when slavery is taking place. 
  • A Special Event on July 17th that will convene a small focus group of SID-W institutional members who are working in the field on the issues of trafficking, modern slavery, and abuse to discuss how they deal with the associated safeguarding and duty of care issues.
  • An Institutional Member (IM) event that will discuss issues surrounding global supply chain transparency and governance, corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices, and firm policies and practices as efforts to combat modern slavery.
  • And moreā€¦
We will have workgroup events, chapter events, institutional member events, and joint events with other organizations. Please let us know if you have suggestions for topics or speakers at [email protected]. And please watch for details as we solidify the programs in this series!