Sarah Helmstadter is the Senior Vice President, Global Workforce for DAI. She was most recently the Vice President for Human Resources (U.S.)  for DAI, and before that, she served as Regional Managing Director (RMD) for the DAI/USG Africa portfolio, responsible for ensuring high quality, high impact development assistance, and client satisfaction. In that role she managed the home office project support team of Directors, Project Managers, Associates, and Financial and Operations Managers, and coordinated the supporting team of Contracts, Recruitment and Business Development specialists. Since joining DAI in 2007, Sarah has also served as Senior Director of Recruitment and Senior Director of the Business Development Unit. She has worked in international development for twenty plus years, with her first field assignment in Kazakhstan. Prior to entering the field of development, Sarah was a Soviet analyst, publishing on health and social issues. She holds a BA from Yale, and an MA from Harvard.