Bob Chase is a former US Government, United Nations, and NGO executive, as well as former President of SID-Washington (now SID-United States). His career was devoted to public policy and primarily in the international sector. He attended Wesleyan University and then acquired a Masters in Public Administration from the Maxwell School at Syracuse. He came to Washington as a Presidential Management Intern and worked in the Office of the Secretary of the Navy before transferring to the Peace Corps policy staff. Subsequent government stints included: desk officer and capital development assignments in the Near East/South Asia Bureau of USAID; assistant to the Undersecretary of Labor; Deputy Assistant Secretary for Labor Standards; Deputy Director of the federal anti-poverty program; head of Food For Peace at USAID; and USAID Mission Director in Morocco and Sri Lanka. This was followed by five years in Rome as Assistant Secretary General and head of global programs for the World Food Programme. Upon retiring from the public sector, Bob took a job with the NGO World Learning and served as their Senior Vice President and head of the Washington office, as well as interim President. He is fully retired but continues to serve on the Board of World Learning as well as other NGO boards.