Max joined SID-US in July 2023 as a Program Associate, bringing his passion for international development and skills in finance and operations. His journey in the field began in 2018 as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine, where he worked at a secondary school in the northwestern Volyn region. He is a strong advocate for locatization in international development, believing that the strongest and most sustainable solutions for developing communities come from the communities themselves.

Inspired by his experiences, Max pursued higher education at Middlebury Institute for International Studies (MIIS), where he obtained both a Master of Public Administration and a MA in International Education Management. During his time at MIIS, Max focused his studies on organizational strategy, with a specific emphasis on financial management and data analysis. He actively engaged in leadership roles, serving as Treasurer of the Student Council and Vice President of the MIIS Immigrant Rights Alliance.

Max's commitment to community development extends beyond his professional endeavors. Throughout his career he has worked with a variety of youth development-based organizations in California's Central Coast, where he calls home. Now residing in Washington DC, Max is eager to immerse himself in local communities, seeking new volunteer opportunities and connections with organizations that align with his values.