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The Promise of Smart City Innovations

March 21, 2024
9:00am - 10:30am
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Public Event (Virtual)
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Hosted by Infrastructure & Urban Development Workgroup
Online, via Zoom

Smart City innovations are leading to improvements in governance, urban planning, citizen empowerment, mobility, energy, the environment, health, and education. While smart city innovations offer promise in strengthening efficiency, data-driven management, transparency, and citizen voice, they also present challenges related to data privacy, social inclusion, and sustainability. The purpose of this panel will be to provide perspective on current thinking on the challenges and prospects for smart city development through a panel composed of representatives from both the donor community and cities with experience in smart city innovations.

Registration will close at 4 PM ET on March 20, 2024. Meeting details will be sent to all registered participants shortly thereafter.



Infrastructure & Urban Development Workgroup / Co-Chair
Vice President, Integrated Development



Urban Governance Lead, Bureau of Development, Democracy and Innovation
Jaco Cronje image
Vice President, Technology Solutions Architect
Zvi Weinstein image
Israeli Smart Cities Institute
Matthias Nohn image
Initiative for Advanced Urbanization and Artificial Intelligence
Michael image
City Administrator
Quezon City