Carol Smith serves as the Web Foundation’s Director for Finance and Operations, based in the Washington, D.C. office. Carol was previously Chief Operating Officer at Winrock International, where she was responsible for the organisation’s human resources, contracts, cost and pricing, procurement, security and business analysis units. She has broad experience in comprehensive operations, compliance, and financial management programs for international nonprofit organisations, working with both traditional and non-traditional funding sources.
Prior to Winrock, Carol served as Senior Director for Compliance and Supply Chain Management at Public Services International, Senior Director for Contracts and Grants at Family Health International, and Finance and Country Director for Brazil at The Nature Conservancy.  Carol’s successful leadership of large, complex technical units helped establish systems to support global programs to ensure access to health products, protect the environment and empower the disadvantaged, all predicated on her deep understanding of how locally responsive solutions can be designed and implemented to achieve tangible results, even in the most challenging operating environments.
Carol is a member of the Society for International Development’s Board of Directors, was a member of the EUCORD Board of Directors (based in Belgium), the Executive Committee of the InsideNGO Board of Directors and is an established coach and trainer. Carol holds a degree in International Relations from the University of South Carolina, launching her career with the Inter-American Foundation.  She brings a lifetime of international exposure to her work — growing up in Europe and Latin America and travelling to over 80 countries. She is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.