Madeline Zutt is a Policy and Advocacy Advisor at the Dallaire Institute. In this capacity, Madeline provides strategic direction to the Dallaire Institute’s Youth Advisory Council. In collaboration with the Dallaire Institute, the Youth Advisory Council helps empower young people to be agents of change, take a leadership role in peacebuilding and increase youth awareness of the prevention of recruitment and the use of children in armed violence. In addition, through its engagement with the Youth Advisory Council, the Dallaire Institute helps ensure that youth perspectives are included and represented in the Institute’s research, advocacy and capacity-building work.  

Prior to joining the Institute, Madeline worked as a research associate at Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands, where she focused on the impact that emerging technologies have on arms control and nuclear disarmament. Madeline has also held various NGO and research positions in Canada, Georgia, Nepal, Turkey and the United States. She holds an Advanced MSc in International Relations and Diplomacy from Leiden University in the Netherlands and a BA from the University of Toronto.