As an aspiring professional in public administration and international governance, Hui He brings a rich blend of academic knowledge and practical experience to her role at SID-US. Currently pursuing a Master's in Public Administration at the University of Maryland, Hui has honed her skills in policy analysis, leadership, and global development. Her prior work as a translator, project leader, and research contributor, especially in the context of international governance, has equipped her with a deep understanding of cross-cultural communication and global economic trends.

Hui's role at SID-US involves managing LinkedIn Groups, coordinating with Workgroup/Network Co-Chairs for the SID-US Blog, and assisting in promoting events through social media. Her expertise in new media, demonstrated through leading a diverse team and contributing significantly to outreach efforts, positions her well for enhancing SID-US's digital presence. Hui's commitment to sustainable development and her interest in global economic trends are the driving forces behind her dedication to making meaningful contributions to SID-US.