2020 Career Fair Breakout Sessions

2020 SID-Washington Career Fair 

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

The George Washington University Marvin Center

800 21st Street NW
Washington, DC 20052
Concurrent Breakout Sessions: 12:45 PM - 2:00 PM

Breakout Sessions 

Panel A: The Many Paths of International Development (Room 307)

A career in international development in 2020 is vastly different than two decades ago. What once was a sector dominated by NGO professionals and foreign service officers has now expanded into career paths that go beyond a few narrow lanes. There are so many extraordinary and unique opportunities in today’s international development field that it’s rare you find two career paths that are the same. Between for-profits, consulting firms, government agencies, private sector firms, universities, small businesses, large corporations, and more, the options can be overwhelming. If you are a newcomer to international development or are interested in switching to a new lane within the field, join us for a discussion about some of the options and learn how our panel of experts ended up where they did, how they decided on their own career paths, and what advice they have for choosing yours.

Melissa Logan, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, Chemonics International 
Ann Hudock, President and CEO, Counterpart International
Josh Mandell, Lead for Global Development, IBM
Jeffrey Singer, Senior Vice President, Nathan Associates 
Jamila White, Senior Africa Representative, Mercy Corps 

Panel B: How to be More Interesting Than a Cell Phone® (Room 309)

Everyone tells you to network, network, network to find that perfect job, to move within your organization, or to get pretty much anything you want. But how do you do it? We are aren't born knowing how to network. It's a skill and one that will help you all your life in so many situations. Those who can network well live richer lives. It's not just about the end goal of getting the job but about building your community and strengthening your relationships. This session will give you tips on how to talk to people - specifically bad habits to break and solid skills to develop - in order to make those real, memorable connections. Join us to learn one of the most important skills to boost your career.

Deedre Daniel, Founder, The Interesting Conversations Company®