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Democracy, Rights, and Governance Workgroup Planning Meeting

February 21, 2024
10:00am 11:00am
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Public Event (Virtual)
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Hosted by Democracy, Rights, & Governance Workgroup
Online, via Zoom

As incoming co-chairs for SID-US’ Democracy, Rights, and Governance Workgroup, Liza Prendergast and Kourtney Pompi invite you to join us for an open discussion of the most pressing issues we want to discuss as a group in 2024. As we gear up to plan our upcoming events for the year ahead, your input, ideas, and enthusiasm are invaluable to us. We invite you to engage with us in discussions about the themes you'd like to explore, the objectives you aim to achieve, and the event formats that resonate best with you. Anticipate productive discussion in small groups, facilitating connections, networking opportunities, and collaborative brainstorming. We want to hear from you! We look forward to your participation and contributions in shaping impactful and transformative dialogues in the democracy, rights and governance space. Registration will close at 4 PM ET on February 6, 2024. Meeting details will be sent to all registered participants shortly thereafter.