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Your Global Town Square

SID-United States is a membership-driven knowledge organization bringing together people from diverse organizations, disciplines, and career stages in a neutral, independent forum—a global town square.

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Who is SID-United States?

Our individual and Institutional Members include development professionals from NGOs, the private sector, bilateral and multilateral institutions, consulting firms, small businesses, think tanks, embassies, and universities. Our expansive membership contributes to the dynamic exchange of ideas and information that lies at the heart of SID-United States.

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Why I Belong to SID-United States

"SID-US is a unique and enriching venue because it bridges so many of the divisions that too often separate us: small and large organizations, entry-level and senior staff, government and private sector, for-profit and nonprofit. As development practitioners, we all benefit from coming together under the SID umbrella."

Bobby Jefferson, Global Head, Diversity, Equity, Engagement, and Inclusion, DAI

"Our membership with SID-US provides so many opportunities for our students and faculty to stay connected to what is happening in the international development space. The Conferences, networking activities, events, and diverse community provide a multitude of excellent avenues to engage with other contributing to the important endeavor of international development."

Dr. Leslie Ruyle, Research Scientist, Department of International Affairs at the Bush School of Government & Public Service, Texas A&M University

"As an international development organization outside of Washington, membership with SID-US provides us a platform to connect with US-based institutions and partners and to collaborate with them to solve complex global problems."


Neena Joshi, Senior Director for Asia Programs, Heifer International

“As a long-time member of SID-US, Tetra Tech greatly benefits from the convening power of SID-US’s events and Workgroups, which continue to propel the development community forward in working collaboratively to identify and scale solutions to solve some of the most complex challenges around the world today.”

Mark Johnson, Chief Operating Officer, Tetra Tech International Development Services, Tetra Tech